SVC project (code)

Build variety of video calling applications, design and configure them to use in the environment you wish. Do it without any AS programming knowledge.

This is the SVC project; a turnkey video calling software to power your application, website or social networking -audio/video communication.

SVC beta is a modular video call engine to provide multimedia- and communication capabilities (audio, video, data -calling and video conferencing). SVC is designed to power communication for video conference, video support and live-chat solutions.

SVC is built to power a vaste variety of communication needs, including ID or username based video calling, online customer support (with text, audio and video), facebook based video calling, group video calling, video conferencing and different kind of video-chat, speed dating and random video chats (aka. chat roulette). Most popular fields of use, like video chat or random video chat, are covered by a turnkey solution.

SVC-SR Random Video Chat (Chatroulette clone)

The random video chat, SVC-SR is a custom-built application powered by the SVC libraries and offers video chat with text, audio and data streaming. The modular structure and unencrypted source code of SVC-SR gives the software large scalability and easy customization while the robust SVC core is taking care of the lightning-fast and stable connection. You can design and create your own video chat or add features like draw on screen, by simply attaching components to SVC. See the screenshots of the best custom-made designs for SVC-SR below or visit the chat demo page.

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Download SVCThe main functionality of the software is changed by switching modules and setting configuration parameters. More complex applications like customer support or enterprise video calling, are compiled into task-specific packages. The distinct core, SVC, handles the connections and status signals.

SVC brings some important changes that make this new software different from our other products: CRC/RVC and RVCS. Some of the most important differences (for developers) are:

  • superior connection speed over Cirrus (RTMFP)
  • lower memory footprint (server load)
  • lower MySQL usage (server load)
  • modular architecture (developers)
  • robust core and well projected, modular structure
  • use of latest Flash Builder features (SDK 4.5 and FP 10.3)

First impressions with SVC on facebook
SVC was tested on facebook, during a 90 minutes "test-drive" while replacing RVC on a JabberCam application. The number of online users were doubled, mostly due to shorter waiting times and stable connections. In the backstage, the server load dropped from 4.26% to 0.91%. The first test-drive led to a final replacement, 60 million hits and 60K likes. The application is in beta phase, with a forced idle time of 2 (up to 4) seconds.
Most features and voice echo cancellation are missing, the video quality setting is manual and the design is minimalistic: video call