RVCS Random Video ChatRVCS is the market leader chat roulette script. Based on one year experience with RVC and over 1000 feedback and support request messages, RVCS is the best and most reliable solution to start a chat roulette website. Lightweight, super-fast, reliable and affordable!

Full RTMFP using AFP 10.1+

RVCS is taking advantage of the latest RTMFP technology (2011) and the new features offered by Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, including lightning-fast connections, with minimal server resource- and bandwidth usage. With RVCS0.1+ you don't need the MySQL database, the connections and user data are handled by AFMS via RTMFP, relieving you form any problems caused by the real-time user/availability synchronization.

RVC or RVCS is best for you?

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  • RVC 5.7+ is an advanced video chat, including several intuitive filters and settings. RVC is your chice if you need a more complex video chat, capable of filtering users by age, location and sex (see full list of features) or you need the multi-language support. Login and username-support makes RVC ready for portal and social network implementation. See DEMO
  • RVCS 0.2+ is a chat roulette clone. Fast and lightweight random video chat, minimalistic and clean. RVCS is your choice if you need a clean random video chat (chat roulette) but nothing else. See DEMO