Video Chat Script (Source Code)

CRC 3.0 Awards

"RVC is 2010′s highest customer-rated video chat software to start a random chat service. Includes audio, video and text data streaming over both Cirrus – real time media flow protocol (RTMFP) by ©Adobe Labs – and the open source Red5 media server (RTMP). Most chat roulette websites are powered by or built on RVC 4+."

IMPORTANT: Before making any payment, always check the latest software demos. SVC-SR and/or RVC, RVCS is the software you are about to buy, as demoed (demo page, php/html and demoed version may be slightly different from latest software package). RVC/RVCS developer packages include the 100% source code. SVC-SR developer packages include all Flash MXML sources and give you the ability to change the design, add and remove features that will fit your website. Support is not included, however we (our community) respond to over 98% of questions via our support forum. Since there is no license protection or encoded license file in the software, the purchase price cannot include money back guarantee (for obvious reasons). Due to the nature of the license and the unencrypted source codes, all sales are final. We cannot provide refunds of any kind. SVC-SR is a new video calling software, designed from scratch, based on a new connection method to bring superior connecting- speed and stability over RVC and RVCS. The SR video chat is built on SVC's modular, robust and very stable video calling engine, designed for enterprise video calling.


  Recommended software packages and bundles
  Demo Demo Demo Demo  
SVC-SR SoftwareNEW - - Yes Yes Yes
RVC Software + Source Yes Yes - - Yes
RVCS Software + Source - - - - Yes
Flash UI Source Codes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP Source Codes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customizable UI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Forum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime updates - Yes - Yes Yes
Remote installation         Yes
Price $99 $149 $99 $149 $199
*Limited time offer $39 $79 $49 $79 $119
  Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now


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*the All-in-One bundle includes both RVC and SVC-SR packages, with updates. This combined offer gives you $49 instant savings plus you get the RVCS software with updates and one time remote installation for free.

*you have three options. To buy the RVC/SVC-SR video chat software, that gives you the ability to start your own video chat website in minutes, including the editable UI source codes. You can chose the option that entitles you to download the upcoming versions of RVC/SVC-SR (updates). The third choice is a new ($199) -combined offer, that includes our RVCS software as well. Upgrades are included with one time remote installation for those, who opt for assistance instead of installing themselves, our best value!

*after purchase simply check your e-mail to download the latest video chat software.

We recommend to use one of the packages offered above since they are the most supported and updated software. In some cases you may need something different, find below our additional software bundles and services.

  Additional software packages and bundles
RVC+RVCS with updates   Includes RVC and RVCS full source codes and future updates $99 Buy Now
RVC+RVCS updates+remote   RVC and RVCS full source codes, future updates and one-time remote installation $129 Buy Now
free edition
  Video Chat - SVC free/full functioning version (executable) Get it from CNET!
Remote installation   One-time remote installation on your web-server $30 -
SVC libraries   For video calling software-developers. The complete SVC video call engine -library and all existing modules (SR, SL, MR, ML) $1499 contact us