Video calling for businesses means real-time online communications. New and innovative technologies like RTMFP and RTMP, help building enterprise communication channels, video-support modules and more. These new, easy to implement technologies are changing the way, a business is contacting its partners and customers. Video calling and conferencing brings a meeting to the comfort of your office.

Uses of high-quality business video-calling:

  • enterprise video calling and video conferencing
  • online customer support, guided troubleshooting
  • online advertising and live press-conference
  • online training, video presentations and e-learning
  • remote surveillance and immediate instruction

What makes SVC Enterprise different?

  • dramatically lower cost than ever before
  • full control over media server
  • low installation and maintenance costs
  • simple and transparent

Video calling providers offer turnkey video calling and video conferencing solutions for both end-users and companies, SVC Enterprise delivers some unique features that make it even more convenient. SVC's most acclaimed advantages are accessibility, customization, implementation and control:

  • availability of UI source codes and/or library sources
  • fully customizable, ready for industry-specific add-ons and modifications
  • works with free Cirrus (RTMFP) for non-profit uses
  • works with open source media servers like Red5
  • works with industry standard media servers like AFMS or Wowza