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Before making any payment, always check the latest software version demos. RVC and/or SVC, RVCS is the software you are about to buy, as demoed on these links (facebook implementation not included, description will be available on the forum): SVC-SR. All RVC/RVCS packages include the 100% source code. SVC-SR includes all Flash MXML sources, to give you the ability to change the design, add and remove features that will fit your website.

"RVC is 2010′s highest customer-rated video chat software to start a random chat service. Includes audio, video and text data streaming over both Cirrus – real time media flow protocol (RTMFP) by ©Adobe Labs – and the open source Red5 media server (RTMP). Most chat roulette websites are powered by or built on RVC 4+."

SVC-SR is a new video calling software, designed from scratch, based on a new connection method to bring superior connecting- speed and stability over RVC and RVCS. The SR video chat is built on SVC's modular, robust and very stable video calling engine, designed for enterprise video calling.

Latest + Upgrades
SVC-SR Software Yes Yes
Flash UI Source Codes Yes Yes
PHP Source Codes Yes Yes
Customizable UI Yes Yes
Support Forum Yes Yes
Lifetime updates Yes Yes
Remote installation

Price $99 $149
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