Chatroulette Source Code

100% editable source code

The video chat package you receive contains 100% of the PHP and Flash source codes, together with the Adobe Flex project. Every single bit is editable and there are no hidden or encoded license strings or license verification calls.
Best Chatroulette Alternative

Top rated video chat script

The script package you receive is the highest rated random video chat script on the market, supported by a devoted team and a fast growing online community.
High quality Chatroulette Software

Quality software

As a result of continuous bug-fixes and code enhancement, the downloaded video chat (RVC) source code is a high quality code, free of syntactical code errors and a wery low chance of existing code bugs.
Chatroulette Random Video Chat

Alternative random video chat

Random Video Chat. Meet the Random Stranger or fine tune the "random" with JabberCam's new filters.

Exclusive Features
Features invented and developed by us and by our community, features that you get exclusively with RVC.

Fully customizable filters for Chatroulette Clone

Two customizable filters

Instead of implementing dozens of new filters, here are the latest, fully customizable RVC filters. Just edit them in the configuration file and you can create your own filter without knowledge of coding.
GeoIP detection in CRC

GeoIP detection with flags

The GeoIP filter will help you with a little info about who you are connected to. The system will introduce your partner as: "Connected to Heidi Doe from Switzerland".
SpeedChat for Chatroulette Clone

SpeedChat feature

The SpeedChat feature was the second feature developed and first introduced by us. It gives you the comfort to chat with differet random strangers without touching the keyboard. This feature makes RVC ready for a speed-dating website. Just set the timer and start dating.
SpeedDate for Chatroulette Clone

SpeedDate feature

The SpeedDate Feature was the 5th feature developed and first introduced by us. Works together with the SpeedChat feature and turns RVC into a speed-dating website. You can set the software for a minimum connected time, users must stay together and by setting the partner's auto next (sec), you will see a countown as part of the SpeedDate.
Age Filter for Chatroulette Clone

Age filter

The age filter, developed and first intoduced by us at, gives you the ability to input your own age-group and restrict your partners to an age-range you select.
User Filter for Chatroulette

User filter

You keep connecting with the same dude and you are tired of it? Filter him with the user filter developed and first released by us.
Chatroulette Language/Country Filter

Chat language/country filter

This filter allows you to set your own Language/Country and to search for users with the same language preference. Using the setting, you can connect to users that speak your native language.
Direct connections in chatroulette

Direct connection to known user

Connect directly to your friend, without nexting dozens of users. If you know your partner's username, just type it in and connect yourself to the desired person.
IP based User Management

IP based user management

You can allow, deny -IP addresses and list the banned IP pool, using a simple backend script.
Chatroulette Bad Words filter with auto correct.

Bad words filter with auto correct

Simply list the words you don't want to see on your chat site in a text file, RVC will automaticaly detect and correct them, correct=c*****t.
Chatroulette Alternative with International Language Support

Browser detect language support

Let your browser automatically select your language or change it to Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hungarin, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, ... any anguage you add.
Talking Chatroulette

The talking Video Chat (human voices)

You may configure your video chat to communicate using human voices. Near the greeting and connected message, you can use short instructions or funny MP3 recordings.
Red5 Backup Server.

Backup server suport for Red5

RVC will save you the headacke while keeping your website and media server alive. RVC 3 and later versions are connecting to multiple backup servers to avoid service interruption when the main media server is down (servers are configurable).
Chatroulette Administration

Back-end administration

The newly introduced back-end administration comes with some (for the moment) basic features like: install, test-install, test, re-create and database maintenance. More admin features to come in next versions.
Multiple Chatroulette Backgrounds

Exchangeable backgrounds

Your eyes are getting tired of staring at the same picture, just press a button and your background is changed on the fly. By editing the source, you can add as many backgrounds as you wish. Six inclided by default.
Different Chatroulette Designs and Layouts

Multiple layouts: Design it as you wish

With the included Flex project, you can easily re-design your video chat website. Chose the layout and design you like wether it is horizontal or vertical. You don't need massive coding knowledge just a little creativity and some attention. If you messed up something, Flex buider will warn you to undo the wrong move.
Chatroulette on Facebook

Video Call on Facebook

JabberCam is on Facebook (powered by RVC5)! Give it a try, click here after signing in to your Facebook account.
Chatroulette for Blogger

Video chat for Blogger

The JabberCam widget created for RVC and used by ChatrouletteMarket makes our software ready for Blogger inclusion (click here). In order to enhance this initiative, we promise to include our own widget in the close future.
The Original Chatroulette Clone

The original RVC script

If you are about to run a random video chat (aka. chat roulette) site, make sure you buy the original RVC software. By purchsaing from our website you are supported directly by the developers, without a 3rd party intermediation. Before you buy, always check the demo sites and make sure the demo links back to the website you are purhasing from!
Low Price Chatroulette Clone

Affordable price, top quality

Our price/quality ratio is unbeatable. Despite of the fact that we got the highest customer approval, we always keep our prices at an affordable level.
Chatroulette Bugs

You found a bug, we'll fix it!

In case you found a bug, send us a bug-report and we'll include the fix in our next release. If the fix is urgent, a hotfix package helps you out.
Chatroulette Forum

Dedicated Support Forum

In case you are stuck with your project and need a hand, our dedicated forum will give you the opprtunity to ask help from others. We are checking the forum regularly and answering the most frequent questions.

Unique Features
Some of the features below can be found in other video chat software. The difference with RVC, you will get them all as a whole package and without source encoding.

Stratus powered Chatroulette

Adobe Cirrus support

RVC is ready to connect and use the great features offered by the Cirrus (Stratus) server provided for free by Adobe. What makes this feature unique, with RVC it comes in the same package with Red5 support.
Red5 powered Video Chat

Red5 media server support

RVC is ready to connect over your own Red5 powered media server or hosted Red5 RTMP. This solution gives you a superior connecting speed.
Sex Filter for Chatroulette Clone

Gender filter

The gender filter allows you to select your own gender and filter your chat partners based on their sex. Gender filter can be disabled at Gay Video Chat websites and Women Only Chat Clubs.
User Report for Chatroulette

User report/ban

The chat is getting gross? The User ban / User report -filter wil help you clean it up.
Auto NEXT for Chatroulette

Auto NEXT feature

Another handy hands-free feature. Check auto next and you will be reconnected every time your partner is "nexting" you. Auto NEXT can be used in combination with SpeedChat.
Chatroulette Program Sounds

System sounds, light message alerts

RVC is using system sounds and light alerts to notify you when a new connection is established or a new text message is received. If your partner does not pay attention you can use the Buzz! button to wake him up.
Chatroulette with Sounds and Buzz

Buzz button to gain attention

Additional sounds and the Buzz! button makes the RVC experience a lot more fun.
HotKeys for Chatroulette

HotKeys for RVC

Preconfigured HotKeys are helping the easy control if the muse is not preferred. F7 will NEXT, F8 will LEAVE your random partner.
Low resource usage video chat

Lightweight with low resource usage

RVC is not greedy when we talk about hardware resources. All what you need is a browser with Flash Player 10.1 or higher.
Chatroulette Script Free Download

Download Chat Roulette Software for Free

If you just need to add chat roulette functionality and you don't need white-branded customization, than there is just one step to download RVC for free.
High speed connection Chatroulette Clone

No more chat roulette missed connections

"Chatroulette Missed Connections" was one of the most searched keywords in Google&team;. With RVC the number of missed connections is reduced to minimum. Connection is almost instant and the number of missed connections is kept on a minimal level even with a low number of users. Using Red5, the connection speed is redefined.
Ready for High Traffic

Ready for High Traffic

RVC is ready for a large number of users at the same time. While we tested with only 1000 users at the same time, just gather those > 20000 and the software will hold on.
peer-to-peer audio and video streaming with Chatroulette Clone

p2p RTMFP/RTMP streaming

p2p streaming keeps your server resource and bandwidth usage at a minimum level. You don't need to spend a fortune on a dedicated server peer-to-peer connection means, your users will be connected directly without burning up your server resources.
Chatroulette Red5 Media Server

No media server required

To run your own video chat website, you won't need a video streaming server nor an expensive Flash Media Server. Just connect to the free Stratus service and you are done. If you need superior speed, you can opt for the popular, open source media server, Red5.
Chatroulette on Shared Hosting

Works on any shared hosting

Your video chat website will run on any shared hosting that offers PHP and MySQL support. If you need Red5 rtmp, google for a Red5 host.
Chatroulette Clone low bandwidth usage

Low server bandwidth usage

You don't need to spend a fortune on Terrabytes of monthly bandwidth, with RVC, your monthly server bandwidth is kept at a low level.
Chatroulette e-mail support

E-mail Support

In case you need support, our staff is available via e-mail to answer your questions. We will always do our best to help you with any problems related to our software!

Standard Features
Features that are basic for a chatroulette-like video chat software. We consider the features below essential to start your own video chat website.

Video support and Webcam Chat

Video support

RVC takes advantage of the latest features offered by Flash Player 10.1 and later. Near the simple own and partner wideo windows, more video-related features will follow in future releases.
Audio Chat over Chatroulette Clone

Audio support

Near the basic microphone and speaker audio level settings, you can fine tune the audio by editing the audio settings in the source or by enhancing it to suit your special needs.
Text messaging with Chatroulette Clone

Instant messaging, text chat

The most basic feature of the video chat. Future enhancements will be added for a new text-chat experience.
Webcam Video Chat

Webcam video chat

RVC gives you the basic functionalities of a webcam video chat: video audio and text -chat. And a lot more!

The RVC Package
RVC by is poviding you with the latest technology, first ever features and the highest quality among the available video-chat softwares. Check our latest demo, read our news and twitter page, visit our forum and compare...

Chatroulette Software with Intuitive Features

RVC is devoted to progress

The most intuitive features are debuting at and we are doing our best to keep this trend.
Turnkey Chatroulette Script

Turnkey "chat roulette alternative"

RVC is the turnkey solution to start your own random video chat (aka. chat roulette) website. Unzip the package, upload the files to your server, edit the config file and you are done. It works! You may edit the sources with the powerful and visual Adobe Flex Builder. Simple as pie ;)

Here, you find all the information about our latest RVC version, the upcoming (EDGE) versions and you can see the list of older RVC/CRC and RVCS version releases.

NOTE: We are NOT supporting versions (even if they have the same name or similar version number) downloaded from other websites! If you have a real RVC or RVCS package (project name launched by us on FEB.27.2010) you should have your login credentials to our Secured Download Center. If you did not get or lost your login details, please contact us.

SVC-SR Random Video Chat 0.9 31-MAR-2012
SVC-SR Random Video Chat 0.8.1 29-FEB-2012
SVC-SR Random Video Chat 0.8 11-FEB-2012
SVC-SR Random Video Chat 0.7.1 21-OCT-2011
SVC-SR Random Video Chat 0.7 24-SEP-2011
RVCS Random Video chat 0.3 28-AUG-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.9 27-AUG-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.8 15-AUG-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.7 02-JUL-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.6 20-MAY-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.5 07-APR-2011
RVCS Random video chat 0.2 16-MAR-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.4 16-MAR-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.3 05-MAR-2011
RVCS Random video chat 0.1 28-FEB-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.2 24-FEB-2011
RVC Video Chat 5.1 23-DEC-2010
RVC Video Chat 5.0 12-DEC-2010
CRC Random video chat 4.5 27-OCT-2010
CRC Random video chat 4.4 16-OCT-2010
CRC Random video chat 4.3 29-SEP-2010
CRC Random video chat 4.2 24-AUG-2010
CRC Random video chat 4.1 13-AUG-2010
CRC Random video chat 4.0 04-AUG-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.9 25-JUN-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.8 22-JUN-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.7 21-JUN-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.6 14-JUN-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.5 01-JUN-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.4 27-MAY-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.3 21-MAY-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.2 20-MAY-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.1 12-MAY-2010
CRC Random video chat 3.0 03-MAY-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.9 15-APR-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.8 13-APR-2010
CRC + Red5 & Stratus 2.7 08-APR-2010
CRC + Red5! 2.6 06-APR-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.5 01-APR-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.4 01-APR-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.3 31-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.2 30-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.1 30-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 2.0 29-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.9 27-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.8 25-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.7 23-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.6 21-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.5 21-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.4 20-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.3 19-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.2 18-Mar-2010
CRC v1.1 1.1 15-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.0.3 12-Mar-2010
CamJabber dropped 08-Mar-2010 (
CRC Random video chat 1.0.1 02-Mar-2010
CRC Random video chat 1.0 28-Feb-2010
CRC Random video chat pre release 27-Feb-2010 (

*changelog is available for releases after version 2.3