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Full customizable (editable)

Change every aspect of the video chat. Add/remove filters, features, links, buttons, everything.


Multi language (translations)

Localization made easy. Translate a simple text file and start the chat website in your language.


Dozens of skins and designs

Create your own video-chat layout with animated windows or fit RVC into your existing design.


CSS styles to fit any website

Change size, colors, borders and effects. Use the FB design-mode editor or edit CSS stylesheets.

Why PRO?

⟩  latest features and modules may be delayed with 3-4 months before being released for open source
⟩  3rd-party customizations and core enhancements may not be released by developers for free
⟩  the new SVC architecture brings up-to 3X faster connection and considerably lower server usage, these modules and libraries are not included. Go PRO!

2010's top rated random video chat script, RVC



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2010's highest customer-rated random video chat software, with complete source code. RVC/RVCS is the market-leader solution to start your own random video chat website.

RVC includes audio, video and text -data streaming over both Cirrus - real time media flow protocol (RTMFP) by ©Adobe Labs - and the open source Red5 media server (RTMP). The RVC development continues in 2011 (view version log).

With over 300 developer- and thousands of free version downloads, RVC 5+ offers the most reliable package to start with. Most random video chat (aka. chat roulette) websites out there - even if they look very different - are powered by or built on RVC.

RVC is the only video chat script that is ready for any layout you see among the chat roulette alternatives (by offering the full software code for editing) and is ready to run using the language of your choice, without the need of rewriting the software. In addition, RVC is probably the only script on the market, delivering the 100% unencrypted source code. Unlike most commercial scripts, with RVC you receive the unencrypted .PHP files, the editable language files, the configuration files AND the Flash sources to edit the .SWF application. You can change everything: layout, colors, texts, remove the facebook ad, the buttons, ...

SVC is the next generation video chat software from RVC developers.