Draw on video chatThe new SVC-SR comes with nine different designs just two weeks after the first versions were tested. Now here is something really HOT!

Draw attention
while drawing something interesting, cute or funny to your chat partner. This new feature is just one of the first samples that show the limitless possibilities of the new, modular structure of SVC.

Test the new "draw on screen" feature on our demo site: start drawing.

Creating new components for SVC like the "draw on screen" feature takes just three easy steps: designing the MXML layout with the CSS style sheet and (if not included in the SVC libraries) adding a new ActionScript Class. This modular structure - the new approach to build video calling and video chat applications - makes SVC the most popular among video-call/video-chat scripts.

The sample below shows how easy it is to add new functionality to SVC, with basic or no ActionScript knowledge.

Adding the drawing area to the existing SVC MXML component,

<svc:DrawingArea id="drawingArea" styleName="drawingArea" />

creating the "drawingArea" style,

/* CSS file */
@namespace s "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark"
@namespace mx "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx"

.drawingArea { top: 132; right: 24; width: 377; height: 355;}

adding the new DrawingArea ActionScript Class.

package components.SingleRandom

*you can find and download the "Flex Paint for Flash Builder" .as sources here or watch the draw on screen demo.