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Full Version: No Webcam available
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hi guys,

i've setted up a fresh install of your clone (v.3.3) and followed every step
in your install.txt but i was not able to get the app to work.

when i click the start button it says:
"you entering the chat.."
"using adobe server.. please wait"

and nothing happens at all, also i can't select any webcam or mic,
both comboboxes are empty. most funny thing here is that it works
on your demo site.

any suggestions?
Can you give us the complete text from text area with all info?
you can check it out here:

the german output is:
Quote:16:54:03> Sie betreten jetzt den Chat... einen Moment bitte.......
16:54:03> ChatRoulette Clone nutzt Adobe's Servers. Bitte haben Sie ein wenig Geduld.

.. nothing happens here

my config:
Quote:$DB_HOST = "localhost"; //database host (server)
$DB_USER = "myuseracc"; //database username
$DB_PASSWORD = "mypw"; //database password
$DB_DATABASE = "mydbname //database name

$FILTER_TIMEOUT = 15; //filter (do not connect to filtered user) for n minutes
$BAN_TIMEOUT = 45; //ban reported user for n minuates
$NUM_REPORTS_TO_BAN = 9; //number of reports needed for a user to be banned
$TIME_TO_LIVE = 50; //seconds - if the server doesn't receive a response from the session for this long,
//the session is considered interrupted
/* ================================= */
// for Red5 database configuration read INSTALL.txt

$SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus'; // 'Red5' | 'Stratus'

$RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://'; // leave this free, temporary resource or use your own
$RED5_CONNECT_MAIN_TIMEOUT = 30; //minutes

$WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; // "WEB_SERVICE_URL = your domain (location of functions.php on your domain)
$DEVELOPER_KEY = "myadobekey"; // your Adobe Stratus developer key obtained from Adobe (read INSTALL.txt)

i tried to set it up a couple of times with the same result.
$WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; // "WEB_SERVICE_URL = your domain (location of functions.php on your domain)

try to put the folder without the domain example assumming that your folder jabbercam is inside "chat" folder.

$WEB_SERVICE_URL = "jabbercam/functions.php";

I hope you have added your stratus key also
$DEVELOPER_KEY = "myadobekey"; // your Adobe Stratus developer key obtained from Adobe (read INSTALL.txt)
i tried to use it without the domain name and also some "local" pathes, without luck.
and yes, i have a adobe dev key and the jabbercam folder is inside the chat folder.

it still dont works. Sad

by the way, i have the same problem with the default red5 settings.

hmm i'Ve checked the error logs and found this:
Quote:[Mon May 24 19:29:16 2010] [error] client denied by server configuration: /var/www/vhosts/, referer:
[Mon May 24 19:29:16 2010] [error] File does not exist: /var/www/vhosts/{background.selectedValue}, referer:
Try a fresh install, a new upload to be sure any file is corrupted.
uum i found the problem, it was a htaccess file that denied the access to config files,
thanks for your help =)