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Full Version: How to use only 1 language ?
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I would use only one language, how to remove other language in select area and in auto language detect ba the browser ?

I ask this because i don't want to change all language for each time the new version was release, it take too much to translate for each language.

Thank you,
Just delete all language files form /jabbercam/language and in the ChatRouletteClone.mxml set a property for the select box: visible="false". Recompile the source.

I can't not recompile the source, please add the option to take out the select language and let us to chose with language we want to run.

Thank you.
The option is given (I described above). Download Flex Builder and make the necessary changes.
There is an alternative "tricky" way to do it. It is just to update one file (prefered language) and copy and rename as the other languages files.
Unfortunally no.

If you follow the instructions you are able to free download the trial version of compiler, and then, edit as you want Smile

Its Simple !!!

You can edit config.php file and do it:

$LANGUAGES = array("en"=>"English");
$LANG_FILTERS = array("us"=>"English");

Then, edit the English file into your own language .. Smile Is not a correct way, but works ..