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Full Version: Graphic integration into Jabbercam
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I am trying to integrate a particular graphic into jabbercam for a website based on the RVC.

Please advise () as requested.


Paul, I took a look at your description and will describe what you can do. I'll add (FB) to the changes you can achieve with a basic knowledge of Adobe Flash Builder, where I add (AS), a programmer is needed.

Partner Video: creating the "connect" button by moving/renaming "Start" or "Next" (FB) and moving the microphone volume and changing it to a vertical slider (FB) are possible with RVC.
Own Video: creating a "flip" button by moving/renaming "Next" (FB) and moving the speaker volume, changing it to a vertical slider (FB) are both possible with RVC. Adding a "luv" button needs a method that remembers the other user in some way, this can be achieved by a preceding registration or a less accurate and un-secure method would be saving the partner's IP address and username combination. You can use cookies as well. Either way, you need a programmer (AS).
Design: changing the design to what you attached is possible without programming knowledge:

When i render updated RVC mxml file on flash builder 4.0 with flash player 10.0.124 and SDK 4.1 it throw Flash player version Error.I followed every steps according to installation forum.Below is screen shot of error and flex and flash player version which i m using.

Error=Flash Erorr.jpg
Flex & Flash Player= Version.

I thought It may be my system and flex problem on my system.But I tried to render it different computers.Again it throwing same error in every computer.

Please help me out!


Manesh Bahuguna

Here you find the most common Flash Builder errors, when building the video chat:

This solution seems to apply in your case:
About Flex SDK, you can use the latest SDK (4.5) but you'll have to change some attributes and take care of some deprecated commands, the easiest way is to download and use SDK 3.6 instead:

Now no more flash player error if i edit /.actionScriptProperties according to forum thread but Now it is throwing DEBUGGING ND RELEASE error.

If i use old .actionScriptProperties file it throw flash player error but now debugging error.

Please provide me solution.We had complete our RVC graphic changes but
we cant render with these error.


Manesh Bahuguna
Hi ,

Again same problem if i edit/.actionscriptproperties according to target flash player "0.0.0" it throw debugging error and if i edit/.actionscriptproperties according to debugging error it throw Flash Player Error.

And 1 more question.Suppose i m rendering mxml source file after graphic changes it show Direct_Connection null object.Is it possible if my red5 and php,mysql installed in server and I m rending mxml files from another local machine with internet connection.

Please help Out!

Manesh Bahuguna

If you set the required flash player to 0.0.0 it should work. I recommend deleting the property and reloading the project.