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Full Version: Flash Media Server (Streaming)
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i'm just starting to rebuild an Intranet for a school.
i've just installed Flash Media Server Streaming 4.0, it runs !
i've just created the databases "stratus" in mysql, it's ok
i've just setuped the config.php file, it connects to DB
i've just installed Jabbercam on the Site Folder, it starts well ...

... but ! ... few things

1) in the interface (swf) there no caption on any button !!!
2) how can i be sure that Jabber connect to the Flash Server ?

Thanks 4 help ! and thanks for the Nice Job !

There is an issue with your lang XML or ini file. Try using the original lang_en.ini for testing.
Try also running /jabbercam/admin.php?task=test ( )
Hum ! thanks a lot !

you're right, i just tried to delete temporary the language files, and the result is exactly the same, no captions on butthe problem is ... these files are the original files (english) !!!

is there a place where i could retrieve again the language files ?

Thanks again

... After several (many) tests, i confirm, language file is never load in the Flash !

I don't touch the folder structure, i replace in both ini and xml files all words and sentences by a unique and simple uppercase word and no way, no caption on any button !!!!

Thanks again for help


Here are the latest files attached, be careful with removing strings, it will cause blank buttons.
Thanks a Lot !

But no better results ! .... perhaps i should try with the XML file , here is the header of my config.php

* Main configuration file for CRC 4+
* You may want to edit /jabbercam/language/lang_??.xml too
* Help:

If you have <4.5 than yes, the .xml files are needed. Also with 4.5 if you're not switching to JabberCam.mxml
the package you received should work instantly, when installed
(03-16-2011, 10:49 AM)JabberCam Wrote: [ -> ]There is an issue with your lang XML or ini file. Try using the original lang_en.ini for testing.
Try also running /jabbercam/admin.php?task=test ( )

After many test, i have to analyse the code.
after a while searching for the way the Captions are refresh, i found the object "lang" wich stores all the "texts"

Problem identified :
This line create an eventlistener for getting the labels ...
lang.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, this.initLanguage);[/i]

But, The event NEVER runs ! even if you change Langage in drop list !!!

Thanks 4 Help