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Full Version: is this correct?
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when i open the fxp on adobe flash, appears as the attached image:


its normal?
Yes, this is normal when you have 100% view, the frame size will be set by the .js. If it bothers you, just give a specific width and height to the main container.
However, it seems like your project is not loading certain elements ... Delete the whole project and load it from the original FXP.
In properties, in "Flex Compiler", appears, "Unknown Flex SDK: flex 4.5" and in combobox appears "Flex 4.5 (unknowm)", then I change to Flex 3.6A, appears "the current theme 'halo' is incompatible with the SDK selected. It will be reset to the default theme."

when I apply, appears "Warning: Because you have changed the options for the HTML wrapper or the SDK version, all files in the 'html template' folder of your project will be overwritten and/or deleted."

Its Normal/Correct?

and then i finish to convert and open... appears errors in Map-Event, but I have not found the lib googlemaps, was discontinued ... how to proceed?

You need to use the latest or at least SDK 4.5, here you will find all the info you need:
Installing Flex SDK 3.6 to Flash Builder 4.5 will work with 4.5 as well.
Unknown Flex SDK: "Flex 4.5"