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Full Version: How exactly does Chatroulette pull off such a extreme bandwidth requirement?
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After reading the below quote, can someone please tell me how is pulling off the extreme bandwidth requirements WITH high quality video?

They say they have 20,000 users online at any given time, so thats 10,000 connections and there has to be more than 1000 webcams on at one time. That is a TON of bandwidth and from what I hear the person that started chatroulette is a 17 year old from Russia. You think he has that kind of money? Unless his parents are millionaires who like to throw around money.

Quote:About Red5 bandwidth usage, you cannot have an exact number, just an estimate. The used bandwidth is determined not just by the number of users but also by the time they stay connected and the amount of audio and video data they send to each-other. The video quality is another factor that will affect bandwidth usage. With 500-1000 users online at the same time, you will need around 6TB/month (this is what we had with 500+ users at the same time for a month on one of the sites).

The performance using Stratus was far worst than Red5 but that was long time ago. Now it is just fine! Because of the synchronization with the locally hosted database, there is a delay that may cause never finalized connections but the script has different settings to keep this number on a minimal level. If you play around a little bit with the default settings (connection related settings in config.php), you can achieve fairly stable and fast connecting time (lower numbers usually mean faster connection but may cause higher server load, the defaults are for shared hosting with low resource usage). This is the best possible with cirrus and locally hosted MySQL database.

If you need something faster, you need to get rid of the database but this will work ONLY with the latest Flash Player not FP10 so you may lose some users ... at the moment the above are the best options. We'll launch a new project called CRC 0.1 that may be faster (theoretically). If it works, we'll sell it separately but existing users will have a considerable discount.