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Full Version: Question Before I buy
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I'm not computer savy, I have a web designer and look around to hire others that have the necessary skills in a particular area.

But here is my deal...

I am looking to make a chatroulette type of site that allows for Guests as well as actual members. I am running off SQL Server 2008.

1. Is this going to be a problem with SVC-SR?

2. Who do I contract out to that has the qualifications to deal with this area? I would imagine you have to be trained in Flash Programming(for my custom modifications), SQL Server 2008 R2, and ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Razor View(my site).
the SVC is buit with Flash Buider and that is the core software, the rest, the web service can be any language of your choice, including any kind of database. The attached samples are written in PHP and using MySQL but as they are only samples, any programmer can translate them to any language, using any database.
It is a very simple task.


Does this site offer any services to hook up the flash program to a SQL database for a reasonable price?

I will be having a MS SQL datatable utilizing SQL server 2008. There will be user names passwords and gender(m,f) information in the database among other information. I want registered users to be able to log into the chat roulette service while guests can also do the chatroulette service too.

If not, then if anyone else on this site feels they have this skill set, lets chat further.