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Full Version: Basic overview how CRC finds partners, connecting to a user, etc.
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the video quality on the cirrus and red5 improved after setting frames from 15 to 30.... infact it helped so much that connection p2p threw cirrus was close to skype quality

also i achived some level of success by playing aroud with buffers
seems that if buffer is full it will threw an exeption and die
threw my google-reasurch on this i found that if the buffer is full at the time i start a new stream it fails =
rtmp.port = 1935
// i am not sure about the core threads and what they do fo a living
// but i increased them anyway try to find the right components
# event threads queue: -1 unbounded, 0 direct (no queue), n bounded queue


//making it more seem to give the server more variety of movement and handling better video


also stumbled upon file called

witch defines the speed ,mem usage , etc... of red5 etc playing a little with that brought to a success

also for the finals
red5 1.0 goes down with
"cannot start without instance id"
something related to java and paths
and you can no longer install red5 under ver 0.8 due to java-ant
laque of compatibility or so it seems.....
did you install tomcat with Red5 1.0 (it is not included by default any more), RVC runs in tomcat
i istalled red5 java1.6.26 and ant 1.8.2 before instaling the red5
(08-06-2011, 07:43 AM)volchkov Wrote: [ -> ]also to get max results from the server via video quality
instead of the default
camera.setMode(320, 240, 15);
camera.setQuality(0, something);
do this
camera.setMode(320, 240, 30);
camera.setQuality(0, 95);

Seems that the 95 video quality performs best and about the user_cam.setMode setting you are right again.

By setting the camera to user_cam.setMode(320, 240, 30, true), this is what happens:
- the camera is set to try 320x240 area, where the priority is set to the area (true) and a frame rate of 30 (without priority). In this case, a camera capable of 25fps will run the 320x240 with 25fps native mode after passing 320x288-25, 320x240-25, 352x288-15 and 320x288-25, 320x240-25; 6 passes. The same with priority set to 15fps (RVC default) would take over 10 passes. If you set the priority to the frame-rate (false) the result could be very different. More info here:

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