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Full Version: How admin can see chats?
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We just installed the RVC script and we see a very high % of nude users on our site , I will like to know if there is some way for log in like admin and see all the current live cams and chat ? we wanna hire some admin staff for reviewing all the cams and block all the inapropiate stuff.

Thx for your support
There is no admin backend to view all online users, just think about the bandwidth it would need ... this was the biggest challenge since 2009, let me know if you came up with a solution.
Well the solution is has one screen with the screen shots of all the users, and if the admin select one user screenshot then just will see this live cam.
I tryed few month a go this software
and they has this function on the admin area and is very usefull for detect and ban all the perverts cams.
I will love to pay to someone for develope this feature!

Got it! this is not the same thing, you can view a certain number of users, this is possible with SVC
Let me take a look, if I dont post an SVC module that does the above (in about a week or so), please get back. Thanks!
Hi, I just going back to you!!
How is going the module?
Hi , I m just geting back to you about this post!
Still waiting for the latest SVC libs package (source code). I may get 0.9 before public release of 0.8 and will take a look. These functions already exist as this demo has parts of the upcoming features like "User Ban" and "Settings Panel" but the buttons aren't active yet (the ban actually writes relevant data to the database). The functions are there -were removed due to bugs or untested code- since the first versions that used to have several settings and even multiple chat with 6 people at the same time or call users by clicking on a user list.
Any idea about the times of this release?
we are all waiting for it to add Joomla support
// TODO! -good idea
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