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Full Version: Problem with compiling the file with Adobe Flex Builder
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When I export the file with Adobe Flex Builder
It displays this error
" Errors or warnings occurred during the generation project ChatRouletteClone_v.mxml.
Unknown Flex SDK: Flex 3.2 "

and no way to rebuild the file.
Can you help me
You must use Flex SDK 3.2 or newer.
Check this link:
Hope it helps
Can you give me the exact url to download it I was on the url mentioned in the manual ( and I find myself with
Eclipse of Adobe Flash Builder 4 plug-in
Can you help me ??
Here is the link to the flex sdk:
Download the latest milestone release build, from the column Adobe Flex SDK (the ~120mb version), 3.4 or 3.5 version.
Then install it as in the tutorial posted above.
After you install it, you should be able to see it in the Preferences window, under Flex->Installed Flex SDKs (Window->Preferences->Flex->Installed Flex SDKs)
Then hook it up to your project: select the project in Flex Navigator, from the main menu select Project->Properties->Flex Compiler. Now you have 2 options - you can set the newly installed sdk to be the default in Installed Flex SDKs window, and make sure in Flex Compiler window the option Use Default SDK, or select option Use Specific SDK for this project in Flex Compiler window, and from the drop-down select the newly installed sdk.
Thank you but I can not find. Exe file and I can not find a tutorial that explains how to install Windows

I downloaded 4 Flex SDKs 4.0, 3.5, 3.5(build 1236), and 3.2, in all this version I get at least 24 errors. I use Adobe Flash builder, will it be the problem, or is there another issue, I have 3.8 just got it yesterday by email.

Impossible to compile ..

I m really disapointed .. Flex or Flash Builder .. everytime with errors ..

I m now looking for another source provider .. since this website make us an idiot now ..

NOthing works .. only get errors after version 3.4 when try to edit the source ..
We are compiling the source hundred times while testing (Flex builder 3), without errors. Other customers are compiling the source and building different websites without problem. There are isolated cases when people get error while compiling, usually it is the Flex builder installation. I am sure the problem is caused by an incomplete Flex builder installation or it occurs after you edit the source. Do you encounter errors before or after making your changes?
before ..

Just loading the project .. as I have did hundred times before with the versions 3.3 or early.

I canĀ“t edit anything because everytime get 24 fixed errors at actionscript file ...
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